Birks & Mayors

As with most world-class brands, Birks Group is a vertically integrated company that designs, develops and, when appropriate, manufactures its products internally. It is through this control of development and execution that Birks products meet exacting quality standards.

Quality craftsmanship and distinctive designs are the hallmarks of Birks Group skilled artisans. Award-winning designers create unique pieces graced with style and innovation.

A vast selection of fine jewellery, silver, timepieces, along with lifestyle merchandise are manufactured in Birks Group studios and manufacturing facilities located in Montreal, and Florida.

The Montreal jewellery factory is a focused facility, co-located with the Gemstone Operations department, supporting Bridal and Statement jewellery, as well as, one-of-a-kind pieces. The Montreal facility is also a key element of our new product development process. Here we utilize traditional, skill based, model making as well as state of the art computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM). The dynamic collaboration between our designers, product development staff and the development team in Montreal supports our iterative development philosophy and ensures seamless interpretation of design to product.

It is also supportive of product development activities blending the hand of skilled artisans with the science of computer aided design and development. The jewellery studio in Tamarac, Florida, supports custom designs, special orders and retail requirements. The further the company's vertical integration strategy , Birks Group has opened a gemstone purchasing office in New York City. This office, located in the heart of the diamond district, allows for the effective sourcing of diamonds and gemstones.