Birks & Mayors


Birks Group is a luxury jeweller whose reputation is built on quality, exclusivity, unique design and excellence in service.

Henry Birks, a visionary, opened a jewellery shop where the aforementioned values upheld. His vision began a formidable pan-Canadian retail empire spanning 130 years.

Over the years, Birks has not only served royalty and heads of state but also those with discerning tastes and expectations. An illustrious reputation and a celebrated luxury image instigated Turin-based Count Lorenzo Rossi di Montelera's Regaluxe Investments to acquire a controlling interest in Birks and Mayors.

"A luxury brand like Birks is special. It is iconic and a part of the social fabric." says Count Rossi di Montelera. "It has a long life and it is irreplaceable. That's the secret of its continued success."